The Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC is a proposal to the CRC Programme that is currently under development and due for submission on 13 December 2017. This CRC will assist Australian food and wine companies to achieve higher profits by reducing food waste and fraud.

To achieve this, we will:

• Develop new technologies that transform food waste into valuable new products

• Develop new innovations in packaging and logistics to increase the shelf-life and freshness of Australian food products

• Develop high-tech markers and tools for tracking legitimate Australian food products throughout the supply chain

• Develop a national food waste market

As a result of this CRC, Australian food companies will get their fair share of profits from international markets. Australia’s national food and wine brand will be protected in the global marketplace. The research from this CRC will help create savings for companies and consumers, and create more employment within the food and wine industry. By helping all of us to reduce our food waste, this CRC will lead to substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions.